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Technology Assessment

The first step in any IT project is to determine the current environment and the requirements. But it also needs to consider the budget and client desires. ATS will provide a complete assessment at NO CHARGE! After, we will discuss the findings and recommendations with you to create a cost-effective technology roadmap.


The technical infrastructure is often overlooked and tends to evolve as needs arise, devices are connected and software is loaded causing the entire environment to suffer from problems that can affect performance, wasted expenditures and resources. ATS can plan your IT architecture with priorities to ensure it will meet the demands of the students, teachers, staff and the district.

Network Management

Once your IT environment is built, you cannot leave it alone. ATS can manage your network components monitoring activity, performance, and update associated software. This close monitoring allows us to quickly and efficiently address problems as they occur and preferably before users are aware of them. ATS can even work closely with your in-house staff to reduce their daily operations.

Break / Fix

Many schools have in-house technical staff, a small IT environment or budget constraints and feel they would not benefit from a managed services contract. ATS understands your situation, however problems still arise and things break. ATS can still help and perform all of our services on a "time and material" basis as needed.

e-Learning / Training

ATS can create custom eLearning modules and train your administration and teaching staff to use all the software and technology installed. More importantly, our educational experts can also show them how to use the technology as a tool to enhance the educational experience for students and improve daily procedures for the staff.


Unfortunately, things do go wrong and unexpected events, whether intentional or unavoidable, can cause loss of or access to critical data. ATS can implement a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan to eliminate or mitigate any adverse effects of unforeseen events on your electronic data.

Web / Social Media

Your web presence is more important than ever as students, staff and parents expect and reply on 24-hour online access to current information on all access aspects of school life. ATS can create a mobile and SEO friendly web site that meets those expectations, is easy to use, provides a positive first impression that enhances your school's reputation and can tell your school's story by something other than a mission statement.

Communication Solutions

Technology plays in essential part in your communications plan. You need the ability to easily and cost effectively communicate in a 24x7 world on a multitude of devices and outlets. ATS can provide the guidance, hardware and services that are right for you regardless if you need a VoIP phone system with integrated or unified messaging for voice-mail, Emails and fax, a call-tree mass notifications solution, or a social media strategy that supports your online presence.

Consulting Services

ATS can provide consulting services: From simply acting as a “buyer’s guide” before you purchase any technology; assisting to clearly define and articulate your tech strategy and prioritize your technology initiatives; or providing the tech solutions to support you roadmap and align all your resources to maximize your strategic success. ATS can also present In-Service technology workshops that your staff can leave with actionable skills.

Complete No-Charge Technology Assessment


   We will then work with you to prepare a tech roadmap that fits your needs and budget.

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  • I always looked to the expertise from ATS to provide insight and reccomendations prior to any investment in technology.

    Principal - Suburban Middle School
  • “...along with our web development, Glenn and his team provided us with cutting edge webcasting of district meetings and events that led to numerous awards and recognition of our district.”

    Superintendent - Suburban District

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